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Pipe Swing Hangers - Ductile Iron

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These high-quality galvanized ductile iron swing hangers have a steel pivot bolt that suspends a tough bronze bushing.

Top Left Picture = CWS-24
Top Right Picture = CWS-10 
Bottom Left Picture = CWSH-23
Bottom Right Picture = CWSH-09

Model Description Weight Specification Price
SH-24 3 1/2'' Hanger with Clevis
Galvanized Ductile Iron Swing Hanger. 3 1/2" top bar swing hanger with clevis 0 lbs. - $30.00
SH-23 2 3/8'' Hanger with Clevis
Galvanized Ductile Iron Swing Hangers. 2 3/8" top bar with clevis. 0 lbs. - $25.00
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